Storm Damage

We've got you covered

Has your home suffered from storm damage? Did you know your insurance could cover the cost of replacement? Give us a call. We will deal with the insurance so you don’t have to. We at Pro Claim Restoration are proud to represent you, the customer, when we deal with insurance companies.

Storm damage often goes unnoticed

After a strong storm and hail, storm damage often goes unnoticed unless you know what to look for. Our experts will conduct a free inspection and diagnose any issues your roof may have. Even if it doesn't look like it, your roof may have suffered damage and we will work with your insurance to cover the repair!

Photo of roof showing minor storm damage from hail

Damage deemed acceptable by your insurance is often undetectable by the untrained eye. Our roofing experts are trained to identify and find a solution. We work with your insurance to ensure you're covered and represented.

Inspection photo of roof showing major storm damage from hail

For contrast, noticeable hail damage is displayed here.

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